(General Dynamic Mixer):

The popular name of blunt-Revolution mixers is gearbox mixers, because in this mixers force transmission from electro motors to shaft occurs indirectly and with an intermediator. Therefore, because of the existence of gearbox between motor and shaft,propeller rotational speed will be less than rotor speed,but in return power would be more.

Public use of these mixers include: homogenization, suspension, heat transmission, mass transmission and solution making. This group of mixers for mixing chemicals is used with a wider viscosity range.

The main parts forming these mixers include:

Electro motor: to generate shaft and propeller’s rotational force.

Gearbox: to increase the torque transmitted to shaft.

Lantern: to support the weight of the shaft, propeller, electromotors, gearbox and to connect mixerand transfer its weight to the frame.

Shaft: to transmit the force and torque of gearbox and to transmit that to the

Propeller: to transmit shaft’s force and torque to fluid.

Blunt-Revolution mixers properties are:

Type of shaft and propeller rotation: Indirect (connecting to the motor is done by gearbox.).

Function time: appropriate for 24-hour operation.

The volume of mixed fluid reservoir: between 500 to 1,000,000 liters.

Product Description

Lantern material: aluminum or SS304

Shaft material: SS304 or SS316L

Propeller material: SS304 or SS316L

Lantern color: 80 micron thick RA2 7032 electrostatic paint.

The possibility to install anti-explosion electro motors

Coverage of PVDF and PP

The possibility of adding additional propeller

The possibility to split the main shaft

Able to pay for medicine and food industry

Possibility of installing a VFD

In water filtration:

– Rapid mixing in water filtering reservoirs

– Coagulation in  raw water reservoirs

– pH adjustment of water input and output

– Mixer for large-scale chlorination tanks In waste water treatment

– Mixer for Anoxic tanks

– Mixer for mixing carbon

– Mixer for coagulation tanks

– Mixer for flocculation tanks

– Mixer for sludge digesting tanks

– Mixer for superficial aeration in tanks

– Mixer for  preparing  polymer solutions such as PAC andcationic and anionic polyelectrolyte

– Mixer for equalizing reservoirs (Equalization mixer)

– Mixer for neutralization tanks (Neutralization mixer)

Plastic and polymer industries:

– Mixer for production of polyester (ABS)

– Mixers for production of polyethylene

– Mixers for production of polypropylene (ABS)

chemical industries:

– Mixer reactors

– Mixer for storage tanks

– Heat transfer

– Chemical composition

Mining Industries:

– Industries of base metals such as aluminium, copper, tin, iron, lead, zinc, etc

– Extraction of certain metals such as gold, silver, platinum, etc

– Extraction of non-metallic minerals such as phosphoric acid, Potassium hydroxide, magnesium

Extremely good design that provides error-free functioning.

High service life due to low speed.

Symmetric to the different types of mixing.

All equipment involved with the fluid made of steel Stance.

Able to be used in food industry and pharmaceutics.

For solutions with high viscosity.

Blasting equipment with GLASS BID.

Using gearbox and power increasing and thus the possibility of long-term performance.

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