Helical Static Mixer

The most famous names of these types of mixers include Helical mixer, spiral mixer.

This type of static mixers is used in a wide range of industries. This series of mixers are suitable for fluids with a very high viscosity (Viscosity) and density (Density).This mixers function  principles for laminar currents (Laminar) with Reynolds number 2300>are according to division and for turbulent flow (turbulent) with Reynolds number greater than 4000>are according to conversion and inversion.

The main parts of solar mixers are:

Body: The body, which is cylindrical, has the task to keep the blades of the mixer.

Flange: At the beginning and end of the body, holed-plates, called flange, are embedded so by these plates connection of mixer to the pipeline would be possible.

Mixer blades: the blade is made of a number of elements connected to each other. Each element is a curved sheet (twisted), which is connected to the next element with a 90-degree angle.

This mixer’s function principals are according to three properties: division, conversion, inversion.

1) Flow division: With the fluid passing through the mixer, for passing from each element ,fluid is divided into two distinct layers. The total number of divisions after passing n elements is calculated with the” x =” formula. This means that if there are 18 elements in the mixer fluid divides in to 262,144 layers.

2) Flow conversion: The fluid moves in elements directions because of the existence of  pressure. Spiral wall of elements causes the fluids located in the center, move toward the walls and the fluids located in the walls, move toward the center. This creates a speed difference in fluid’s molecules and fluid’s cut.

3) Inversion: Fluid’s rotation point changes 180 degree from an element to the other. This movement point inversion occurs turbulence in fluid and increases mixing power.م

Product Description

– Water and wastewater treatment

– Mixing gas with liquid and liquid with liquid

– Doing chemical reactions with low and high viscosity

– production of oil emulasion with water

– Production of biodiesel fuel

– mixing the antioxidants with other redundants.

– injection of clot on track

– viscosity adjustment

 – controlling PH

– homogenization of the sampling

– mixing two or more liquid resins

Body Material: Stainless Steel 304 or 316

Flange: standard ASME, DIN, JIS

Flange type: Weld in neck slip ON

Construction of the sliding elements

Elements coverage of PVDF and PP

 Installing the injection points before mixer

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