High viscosity Dynamic Mixer

Suitable mixing for fluids with high viscosity prospers great importance in industry. For example, in the paint, polymer and food industry and pharmaceutical industry we mainly deal with the fluids with extremely high viscosities.

Achieving a good and homogeneous mixing in this fluids due to the low Reynolds number and flow regime nature that is of the Pacific (Laminar) type, is more difficult than fluids with low viscosity and needs mixing more details in design.

Spiral mixers that usually have bands around them and preservatives, also some with a spiral package in the middle, has the most usage in the food industry and medicine.

Mixing fluids with low viscosity usually is easily done by one or more turbine propeller. But for the fluids with pacific regime (LAMINAR)that happens in high viscosity fluids, propellers that has a small gap between surface and propeller should be used (like spiral and anchor propellers).This propellers sweep the fluid from reservoir’s rim and vessel mix them with the middle fluids.

In this type of propellers  plastic plates can be mounted on the propeller to clean all the fluid from reservoir’s rim.

The main parts forming these mixers include:

Electromotor: to generate rotation power of shaft and propeller.

Gearbox: to increase the torque transferred to the shaft.

Lantern: to support the weight of the shaft, propeller, electro motors, gearbox and to connect mixer and transfer its weight to the frame.

Shaft: to transmit gearbox force and torque and transfer it to hub (propeller).

Propeller: for transmitting shaft force and torque to fluid.

Spiral mixers properties are as follows:

Type of shaft and propeller rotation: Indirect (connection to the motor is done by gearbox).

Function time: appropriate for 24-hour operation.

The volume of mixed fluid reservoir: between 5 to 2,000 liters

Product Description

Lantern material: aluminum or SS304

Shaft material: SS304 or SS316L

Propeller material: SS304 or SS316L

Lantern color: 80 micron thickRA2 7032 electrostatic paint

The possibilities of anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion linings and coatings (coverage of PVDF and PP)

The possibility of installing automatic equipment such as valves on vessels.

The possibility to install the remote control on the mixer (VFD).

The possibility of using explosion- proof equipment.

Take advantage of pneumatic actuators

Able to pay for medicine and food industry

Paint and mucilage industries

Chemical industry, such as herbicides and pesticides

Resins production industries

Pharmaceutical industries

Cosmetics production industries

Fire extinguishing production industries

PVC compounds production industries

Food industries including:

– Pastry

– Supplements

– Bakeries

Talcous industry

Detergents manufacturing industries

Colored-grains industries

Gypsum production industries

Extremely good design that provides error-free functioning

Symmetric to the different types of mixing

Capable to produce a wide range of metals such as stainless steel, carbon steel, etc.

Features designed for operation in pressurized vessels

Ability to install different nozzles for charging material

Capable to produce for a variety of food and drug standards

Using speed reductions to increase torque

Ability to install support to discharge materials

For solutions with high viscosity

Blasting equipment with GLASS BID

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