Small Dynamic Mixer:

In high speed dynamic mixers force transmission from electromotor to shaft is done without intermediator and directly. For this reason, the propeller rotation speed is equal to rotor rotation speed.

Public use of these mixers include: homogenization, suspension, heat transmission, mass transmission and solution making.

The main parts forming this mixer include:

Electromotor: to generate shaft and propeller’s rotational force.

Lantern: to support the weight of the shaft, propeller, electro motors, and to connect mixer and transfer its weight to the frame.

Shaft: for transferring electric force and electro motor torque and transferring it to the hub (propeller).

Propeller: for transmitting force and shaft torque to the fluid.

High speed mixers properties are as follows:

The shaft and propeller rotate type: Direct (direct connection to the engine)

Function time: appropriate for 2-hour operation.

The volume of mixed fluid reservoir: between 100 to 1000 liters.

Product Description

Lantern material: aluminum or SS304

Shaft material: SS304 or SS316L

Propeller material: SS304 or SS316L

Lantern color: 80 micron thick RA2 7032 electrostatic paint.

The possibility to install anti-explosion electro motors

Coverage of PVDF and PP

The possibility of adding additional propeller

The possibility to split the main shaft

Able to pay for medicine and food industry

Possibility of installing a VFD

– Mixer for chlorination tanks

– Mixer for the preparation of polymer solutions such as PAC andcationic and anionic polyelectrolyte

– Mixer for neutralization tanks (Neutralization mixer)

Extremely good design that provides error-free functioning.

Symmetric to the different types of mixing.

All equipment involved with the fluid made of steel Stance.

Able to be used in food industry and pharmaceutics.

High speed and less time in mixing operation.

Less weight than the blunt-Revolution mixer.

Lower investment cost, comfortable maintenance and operating due to fewer parts.

Blasting equipment with GLASS BID

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